Ratings are Key

If you’ve been keeping up with your updates, you’ll notice that Comp Shop had another update! This version fixed Amazon and made the interface a litter more rounded, if you know what I mean. But I really want more people to benefit from this app, and the best way for people to see my app is if it’s higher in the list of apps when people search. To do that, I need ratings.

The Importance of Ratings

The iOS App Store sorts the apps that you search for by rating. For example, if I search for “shopping list” the top two apps will be AnyList, and Buy Me a Pie. My app is WAY down at the bottom! Since its so far down, not many people find it, and if not many people find it then I don’t get ratings.

A Cry for Help

I’m not asking this because I don’t appreciate that you downloaded my app. In fact I’m so thankful that you have chosen my app over the hundreds of other shopping apps on the App Store. It’s actually because of the cost of keeping an app on the App Store.

To put an app on the App Store, you need to have an Apple Developer account. To have an Apple Developer account you need to pay $99 a year. I’m only 14 years old, which means that labor laws keep me from being able to have job to earn that $99. The only reason I’m able to have an Apple Developer account is because its under my dads name, not mine. My name isn’t actually Daniel Donckers, its Owen Donckers. So to keep this app on the App Store I have to pay $99 a year. So the only way to earn that money is my monthly allowance and by people like you who have bought my app.

Please, if you could, take a minute to rate my app. I would appreciate it very much, and it’ll be nice support for me to keep updating Comp Shop so that you can have the best shopping experience.

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