Success with Sam’s Club!

In the upcoming version of Comp Shop, version 1.1.1, Sam’s Club will be both faster and more reliable. In the current version of Comp Shop, if you enable Sam’s Club, it pulls pretty well, but does not get staple items at all! This is a bad issue, and could cause some people to refuse the app. So what did I do?

The Fix

I decided that the best way to fix this issue, would be to take a similar approach as Harps. When you enable Harps, it usually makes it possible to select several stores in an organized fashion.

When you first hit Sam’s Club in the settings menu, you are prompted for your states abbreviation. After entering that, in my case “AR”, it will pull the different stores in your state.


The accuracy is amazing! For instance, above you see that it pulled the item “Eggs” perfectly. So in the upcoming update, you can expect a very accurate Comp from Sam’s Club.

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