Comp Shop v1.1.4

Comp Shop is my first ever iOS app, and this is my first ever blog post! This app has been available for several months, but I haven’t really haven’t gotten it to a good point. The following are the details on the current version of Comp Shop v1.1.4. A newer version, v1.2, is coming out in a couple of weeks.


Comp Shop is a shopping list program, but its no ordinary shopping list app. It has the ability to compare prices of select stores, giving you the best price, at the best store.

• Add items to a shopping list.
• Sync your list with the family using Dropbox.
• Compare prices of individual items and stores.
• Customize the stores to search.

How does this app help you?
• If you want to know an items price, just tap it and see the best price.

• If the item it matched from a certain website is not what you were looking for, then just override it by selecting the certain item you did want from a list of alternative matched items.

• If you want to know what the TOTAL price of going to ONE store would be, just press the star icon at the top left.

• Want to share your list with the family? No problem! Login to your Dropbox account, or create one. It will sync your list with your family. Even if you are offline, it will remember and sync it with your family’s list when you connect to internet.

Coming Soon:
• Apple Watch app!
• More accurate results at Walmart.
• Hopefully Aldi and Safeway support. (Not sure if it is possible to do so.)



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