My name is Owen Donckers, and I’m a computer programmer. If you need a website, I’m your guy. If you need an iOS app, I’m your guy. I’ll do my very best to make you a quality website or application, for a reasonable price.


I know how to build a lot of computer related things:

  • Static Website
  • Blog
  • iOS Application

Of course I don’t know how to build everything, but I will try. If there’s something that you want but I don’t know how to build, I’ll take some extra time to learn how to build it to the best of my abilities.


First email me the details on what you would like in a website, blog, or iOS app. I’ll take some notes, and get to work on a prototype.

Once I’ve got a working prototype I’ll send you a link to it. If you don’t like whats in the prototype, just detail me in on what you want changed: it can be anything from the background color too how the blog posts are arranged. I’ll do my best to fit your needs.

If I’m unable to fit your needs, than thats fine. I’m not going to charge you a cent.